Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The cold hand of Labour

I have long been a bit wary of the sainted Nadine Dorries as she bears an uncanny resemblance - both physically and in the way she speaks - to a previous work colleague who always seemed to attract controversy. (I know it's totally irrational. It must be my feminine side coming out!)

But tonight I had a flip through her recent postings and when I saw THIS I felt quite sorry for her.

Ignore the first bit about the mixing up of expense receipts - more of that will emerge in due course. No, the bit that got me was what she alleges a Labour Minister said to her round the back of the Speaker's chair.

"Watch yourself love", he said. "You are public enemy No 1. You inflicted a lot of damage on No10 and they are out for revenge. Watch out for the Sunday Mirror, don't talk to them." He then squeezed my hand and left.

The worst thing about this is that this sort of thing is so typical of the Labour spin machine.

Yvette admits she had help cooking the books

"So what? It was the right thing to do!"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gordon - you can fool some of the people....

This is so blatant an attempt by Brown to seize a political advantage over the Conservative Party as to be risible. The fact it was originally announced on YouTube without any consultation was bad enough. But the subsequent so-called discussions with David Cameron and Nick Clegg were so acrimonious that no consensus was possible. And now we have assorted Labour politicians who have denounced Brown as a bully.

But the way it is being rushed through Parliament in such a botched manner is an outrage. As Mrs Ted - not a lover of the Great Leader on a good day - said to me at teatime today: "Has he gone completely barmy now? Does he take us all for fools?"

To which my answer, of course, was yes.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Brown must be as sick as a Mexican pig!

There's a lot of talk of Brown facing a leadership challenge at some point this year - possibly after a meltdown in the June local and European elections or at, or before, the Labour Party conference. I think it's all wishful thinking as there is no obvious alternative candidate who would have sufficient backing from the comrades or the ability to make a credible fist (clunking or otherwise!) of it.

No, it is more likely that the Labour ship, although holed below the water line, will limp on until it hits the rocks in the spring of 2010. A small band of survivors have already donned their life jackets and manoeuvred themselves close to the lifeboats. They will not go down with the ship and will live to fight another day.

Dan, Dan - the democracy man!

I must admit that I find Daniel Hannan a little too good to be true at times. His speeches are so brilliantly delivered and the contents so well thought through that it's hard to find any flaws in his arguments.

Watch Daniel Hannan Speech in News  |  View More Free Videos Online at

PS: I meant to post this yesterday but couldn't find the code!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

John Prescott goes forth and unmasks the evil Tories

Just for fun I want to see if this latest little ruse by that old Labour bruiser, John Prescott actually works if you download it from his Go Fourth site.

Update: Apparently it doesn't!

When Irish eyes are smiling - not!

This could be the sign of things to come in the UK if this rather over-long cameraphone video of the queue for jobs at a Londis supermarket in Dublin is anything to go by. (I haven't been to that lovely gem of a city for about fifteen years and it seems a lot more cosmopolitan than I remember.)

Don't watch it to the end if you're easily bored!

More pertinently, I wonder whether Libertas can reproduce the original Irish 'no' vote against the Lisbon Treaty (aka The European Constitution) in the next ballot in October? Or has the economic landscape changed so much that a majority of the electorate will be persuaded to put their faith in ever closer union with the EU and all that will entail?

I'm worried they will do the wrong thing for the wrong reasons and, consequently, drag the UK into a spiralling fall into the abyss of a United States of Europe.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The PM's secret weapon?

Another good spot by Subrosa in which she speculates that Mrs Brown will be taking a higher profile in Labour's election plans.

Particularly liked this: Who was it who said, "I would never use my family for political purposes," again?

Iain Dales's downfall - hilarious!

Another one for posteriority!

Beam me up Scottie

"It's space (between the Conservatives) Gordon, but not as we wanted it. We are now so far away from reality that we will never be able to get back to Earth!"

Buddy, can you spare a dime?

I wonder how much these two have been talking over the last few days? Do you think President Obama - now approaching his 100th day in office - will have been twittering his old mate Gordon on an hourly basis? Do they coordinate their "global vision" at daily teleconferences? Is that special relationship being strengthened by the close bond these two great world leaders forged as a result of the triumphant G20 gathering in London?

Funnily enough, Gordon hasn't mentioned his new buddy much over the last few weeks - they've probably had a few other things on their minds, d'you think?

Still, I expect they'll get together again soon to compare notes after Alistair Darling has explained to the G7 meeting that unless they do what they all promised to do in London the UK economy will never ever come out of recession. It won't be Gordon's fault, it'll be those bloody foreigners who have let us down once again.

It's not fair, is it? Twelve years of boom based on a false premise and then 23 years of bust. But, of course, the Conservatives - and particularly Margaret Thatcher - caused all of this. They should never be allowed near the levers of power ever again, should they? Just imagine what would happen - they would slash public services ruthlessly and bring the country to its knees!

Hang on a minute. We're already on our knees and just about to be spreadeagled in the mire because of Labour's abject incompetence in managing the economy. Bugger!

Maybe Barak can help us out........?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Gordon takes a holiday

In the spirit of "cross-blogging" I offer you this little gem which I have pinched from that very gracious lady at the Subrosa blog who, in turn, has pinched it from someone else!

It's actually still rather relevant even though it portrays Our Great Leader on his summer holidays.

It brought a smile to my face.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lies, damned lies and the Budget

And so it starts to unravel. This clip from George Osborne outlines the key lies that Darling spouted in today's Budget.

We should all be seriously worried that the vast sums of money that the Government needs to raise by issuing gilts will be made available otherwise we'll be even more stymied than we are already. I know its serious because today was the first time I've seen Ken Clarke become angry in a television interview.

Mind you, having that stupid Balls woman blether at me would push me over the edge too. She is awful! Please let's get rid of her and the rest of the poisonous and incompetent bunch of third-raters!

PS: You should also have a look at Ben Brogan's blog on the Telegraph site.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shahid Malik for Prime Minister?


The Middle East's Hitler?

This is the President of Iran who's regime hangs people in public from cranes in the centre of Tehran because they are homosexuals.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mandelson gets angry!

Judging by this clip Mandelson is back in charge of the Labour spin machine. None of that low-life smearing for him - he'd never do that, would he? No, he's back to making up stories about the Tories being happy the country is in recession.

That's just good old-fashioned spin, lies and innuendo with no basis in the facts. Nothing wrong with that! Expect a lot more of it over the next week when Alistair Darling delivers his "crisis budget".

But do just watch out for the spin it will be given for a couple of days until the figures are ripped to shreds by the Opposition.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Remember who wrote this?

"There is only one thing to admire in this Government---their bare-faced cheek. After bringing in the biggest tax rises in peacetime history, they try to paint Labour as the tax-raising party.

Listening to the Tories nowadays, you could be fooled into thinking that someone else has been in power. Hearing John Major, Kenneth Clarke, and Brian Mawhinney, you could be excused for believing that it was someone else who put up your taxes TWENTY-TWO times, adding £2,120 to the tax burden of the typical family.

That, of course, is exactly their game. They want to airbrush out the past, forget their broken promises, ignore the damning facts. And that is why they are again peddling the Great Tory Lies about Labour's tax plans.

I believe that you have suffered enough from the Tory tax betrayal. Hard-working families like you have been hit hard by the 22 Tory tax rises. That is why I have pledged that a New Labour Government will not raise either the basic rate or the top rate of income tax. They will remain unchanged under the next Labour Government. I am determined to ensure hard work is rewarded, not penalised.

Cutting bills for families

And because of this, my tax-cutting goal is to bring in---when the country can afford it---a new 10p starting rate. That will enable everyone to keep more of their hard-earned money. And it will encourage the unemployed off welfare and into work, saving us all cash.

I also intend that our taxation policies will be fair. Which is why we will cut VAT on heating to 5 per cent, the lowest level possible. That will cut family bills and help pensioners more than most. And don't forget that, but for Labour, VAT on heating would already be at 17.5 per cent. It was only our campaign and votes which stopped the Tories doubling the Cold Tax as they intended.

I have also promised that VAT will not be extended to food, children's clothes, public transport fares, books and newspapers. They will be the Tory targets if they retain power. These are my cast-iron guarantees on tax-based on our principles of encouraging work and promoting fairness.

The Tory tactic now is to make sure the facts don't get in the way of their smears.

So, without hesitating, they dream up a whole raft of new scare stories. And yet again, they won't let their record stand in the way.

Since 1979, it is the Tories who have raised national insurance no less than FIVE times. National insurance on working people stood at 6.5 per cent when the Tories came to power. It now stands at 10 per cent. By the Government's own admission, that change cost you Pounds 5.3 billion in extra tax last year. The equivalent of an extra 3p on income tax. That's a massive back-door tax rise. BUT you won't catch the Tories mentioning that fact. And they are trying the same trick on mortgage tax relief.

They ended higher rate relief, and then cut it in successive years from 25 per cent to 15 per cent-an extra tax bill for homeowners of over £500.

These cuts came despite a manifesto pledge to "maintain mortgage tax relief."

But just as with extending VAT and their tax cut promises, their pledges were worthless. It is a record of tax betrayal which would have most people squirming in embarrassment. But not the Tories. They know no shame.

Labour will only make promises that we can keep and not make promises that we cannot guarantee to deliver. We have published our spending commitments and we have also said how we will pay for them. And they do not require any tax increases except for the windfall levy on the excess profits of the privatised utilities.

The truth on finance

That is to pay for our programme of getting 250,000 jobless youngsters into work. When we are in Government we will have a chance to see whether the Tories have been telling the truth about the nation's finances.

We have every reason to be suspicious. At the last General Election, they hid from voters how bad the economy was. They underestimated by billions of pounds---either deliberately or through incompetence---just how much money was to be borrowed. Money that would have to be repaid by taxpayers.

Only weeks before the last General Election, Chancellor Norman Lamont forecast in his Budget that Government borrowing for the next year would be £32 billion. It wasn't. It was £45 billion. He was out by £13 billion. And he got every borrowing forecast wrong for all following years.

It has come to a staggering Pounds 66 billion more than he said. You can understand why I need to be cautious.

John Major knew he was being wildly optimistic. He just didn't care---provided the Tories won.

My suspicions that the Tories are not telling the whole truth again have only been increased by their decision to phase in the public pay awards. If the economy is going so well why can't the money for nurses be paid in full now? I fear the Tories are covering up the true state of this country's finances.

I am not going to behave like the Tories. I will not tell fairy tales, or make promises I cannot keep. But I will act on the priorities .

That is why I have said that the pay of top people---such as Government ministers and judges---should be frozen this year. And it is why I have said I cannot promise we will find £60 million of public money to build a new Royal yacht.

That is why we are phasing out the private schools' assisted places scheme to cut class sizes for five, six and seven-year-olds. That is why we will cut red tape in the NHS to release more cash for patient care. And that is why we will tackle the waste of youth unemployment.

I will only promise what I can deliver. And unlike the Tories, I will deliver my promises on tax."

Yep, you were right! This is an article by one Gordon Brown MP, published in the News of the World on Feb 9th, 1997. As JD, the commenter on the Coffee House blog says: "In view of the present situation, some of the lines are particularly ironic. Swap a few words around (e.g. 'Labour' for 'Tory', 'Brown' for 'Major') and they fit current circumstances amusingly well."

Friday, April 17, 2009

Weasel words from Whelan

I know THIS has probably already been read by most people since it was posted on Guido Fawke's blog yesterday but you may not have read all the 60 plus comments that it attracted - none of them favourable to his point of view.

Remember this was a feature written by Charlie Whelan in the Strathspey and Badenoch Herald which is published every Wednesday morning. Not exactly a major national daily!

On 11th March 2009 Charlie wrote another article entitled "What has PM to apologise for?" In it he said: "Whilst most of us are worried about how the recession will affect us financially, down in the Westminster village they are obsessed with wringing out an apology from the Prime Minister."

There are many allegations circulating that Charlie is not held in the highest esteem within the Unite trade union. It's not surprising that there are calls from its members for him to be removed. Let's hope they have their way and very soon.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I bring a message from the Great Leader

The biggest mistake Andy Burnham made today (apart from mentioning he was an Evertonian) was to speak on behalf of Gordon Brown. Whilst this clip doesn't show the whole speech, he told the audience at Anfield that he had been asked to pass on personal messages from Brown. That stuck in my craw.

The (red) rug might yet be pulled out from under Brown!

Iain Dale is having some fun with this latest glimpse in the Times article which is entitled "Commons link to Damian McBride smear site is red rag to David Cameron".

It is reported that: "A bogus applicant using the name “Ollie Cromwell” paid £8.99 to set up The Red Rag as a campaign blog. The buyer had to provide only a name, address, telephone number and e-mail to create the site on November 4 last year. The address given was the House of Commons, The Times has been told. The site was registered for two years, ensuring that it would be in place throughout the general election campaign, which must be called by June next year."

Iain has also noted HERE that: "When Derek Draper was asked by Channel 4 News tonight if he had discussed the Red Rag website with the Prime Minister at their lunch at Chequers, he referred us to the Downing Street Press Office."

Tom Watson MP has instructed Carter Ruck Solicitors to write to the editors of the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mail "to complain about the publication of the false allegation that our client had knowledge of, and participated in, Mr McBride’s actions. We have made it clear that our client has confirmed to us that he was not copied in on any of the emails exchanged between Mr McBride and Mr Draper, nor was he aware of them or their content until their existence was first drawn to the attention of Downing Street by national newspapers, on Friday April 10...He still has not seen them. We have further made it clear that our client had no involvement in or knowledge of the ‘Red Rag’ website."

So what do we have here? "Ollie Cromwell" (an obvious pseudonym) registered the Red Rag site in November 2008; Derek Draper (the editor of LabourList) is unable to tell us if he mentioned this to Gordon Brown when he lunched with him only a few days later at Chequers; and Tom ("I feel smeared") Watson who shared an office with Damian McBride is "complaining" that he has been unfairly associated with the whole affair.

What do these idiots take us for? Please just give it up and go! We all feel smeared by you sad, stupid little men who like playing games with other peoples lives.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Al-Fayed not involved in Smeargate"

Any suggestion that Mohamed Al-Fayed could have been involved in "Smeargate" would, of course, be completely untrue. There is no evidence that any brown envelopes were involved in recent revelations but it has reminded some people of the events of the mid-90s when John Major's dying government was embroiled in accusations of sleaze.

Whether this was the decisive factor in the Labour landslide victory in 1997 is not clear.

However, what is absolutely apparent is that the final nails in Gordon Brown's political coffin are being hammered in as he fails to grasp the enormity of the cock-up he has presided over. He has lost all credibility and his senior ministers are revealed as a bunch of failed third-rate no-hopers. Worse, he has surrounded himself with the vilest and direst bunch of desperate attack dogs ever assembled.

Not only has he lost any moral authority he might have claimed, he has lost the respect of the British people. He must go and he must take his disgraced party with him.

Monday, April 13, 2009

"There'll be no whitewash in the shitehouse"

Brown just can't say the 'S' word, can he?

Just a bit of juvenile fun between mates

Brown is up to his neck in it

This article in the Guardian today by Jackie Ashley provides some even more interesting insights into "Smeargate". Note that Charlie Whelan is mentioned as the union man with the ability to finance whatever scam the group thought up.

And, of course, that arch-Brownite, Ed Balls is the chair of the "Wednesday afternoon group" that meets every week to plot the next move on the grid.

Ashley says: "The truth is that Brown has always been double-sided in his political personality and now the whole country knows it. The ideologically serious, morally driven statesman, whose steely determination was most recently on view in his successful handling of the G20, has lived his life with a sinister twin, spinning and dealing. McBride has been an extension of that other self."

There's lots more! Read it and feel that warm glow of satisfaction you get when your long-held suspicions have been confirmed. This bunch of charlatans are as bad as you thought!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A leopard doesn't change his spots

In November 2007 I posted THIS about Charlie Whelan and entitled it "Spinning in the wind?"

It is clear, via his influential role in the Unite union, that he has had more than a passing involvement in "Smeargate". The question is whether those in the know will have the courage to let us have the real story even though they risk having their metaphorical manhoods ripped off and made into earrings for Mrs Whelan.

Breaking news: Brown had aides!

Is this how you like your politics? No? Well, get used to it because this is what we are going to get over the next year.

What can David Cameron and his team do to counter THIS onslaught? One view might be that he doesn't have to do anything. (See this great Coffee House blog). The Labour Party is imploding on its own. All he has do is help them on their way by reminding the electorate that they are a failing and failed government that has wasted vast amounts of our money on useless social engineering experiments that will take years and years to reverse.

But, actually, the Conservatives' immediate problem is how to counter all the counter-spin that the left will churn out over the next few days as a result of "Smeargate".

So, he will have to watch out for that slimey git Liam Byrne and for the 'hidden hand' of Tom Watson in the counter-attack. Prescott and Campbell will be at it too. This has only just started to get nasty. It will get much worse as the left-leaning journos try to suggest that the Conservative Party have always run the same type of spin operation.

Batten down the hatches - we are in full general election mode!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a mendacious lot!

I have been listening to various interviews with Dolly Draper during the day and I am amazed this deranged man was ever taken seriously. This is just one example.

Brown will, of course, remain above the fray. That's not "the right thing to do!"

Update: In the meantime, one Labour MP blogger has made the following comment on Twitter:

"tomharrismp Those who have read Stephen King's "The Langoliers" will have found tonight's "Doctor Who" very familiar." Well that's OK then!

Labour goes to the mattresses?

Some people have argued that dear old lovable John Prescott has become a bit of a British institution - like Terry Wogan, maybe. We loved his mangling of the English language when he was Deputy Prime Minister, but since he stood down as a member of the Cabinet he has not spoken in the House of Commons because he didn't want to oppose the Government!

How very strange! This is the man who has thrown himself into the digital age with some gusto to front a website called "Go Fourth" specifically to promote a fourth term for the Labour Government. I don't look at it very often as it rarely has much to say and, judging by the number of comments it receives, nor do many other people.

Those that do bother to comment seem to be overwhelmingly anti-Labour. On this basis the old bruiser is not punching his weight - even with the support of the arch spin-meister Alistair Campbell.

So, if this particular experiment by Labour to try to claim the blogosphere as a weapon in their armoury to beat the Conservatives has failed what should they do next?

It's obvious really - revert to their old ways and fight a very dirty and nasty war. It's already started if THIS, THIS and THIS are anything to go by!

Update: Just because I mentioned Terry Wogan above THIS should get a mention too!

English - the lingua franca?

I am sure Donal Blaney will forgive me for belatedly pinching this very jolly video which you may think has a little more resonance in the USA than in Britain....Or does it?

I heard recently that most public bodies have had to greatly enlarge the numbers of interpreters available to them to cover around 100 different languages and dialects. And that's just so they can understand all the Scots who seem to run the country these days! (It's a joke, OK? Don't get your kilts in a twist!)

See you, Jimmy!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Brown's (one) fan club

Apparently there is at least one person who is pleased that Gordon Brown is our Prime Minister - and she rang the Jeremy Vine show today.

I didn't realise that Cherie Blair was such a good mimic.

Bye bye Redditch, thank you for paying for my mortgage

If this is the best that Jaqui Smith can do then she is doomed to be an ex Labour MP at the next general election. Hope so!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"Right wing" blogger defends Daniels Hannan! Shock! Horror!

This is a taste of things to come from Labour's attack dogs over the next few months as they despairingly try to prevent a meltdown at the June elections. In this example, dear old John Prescott is desperate to reclaim the NHS as the Labour Party's own particular fiefdom in the minds of the electorate even after David Cameron has explicitly said that a Conservative government would protect spending on it.

Labour supporters are ever so keen to cite the Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan's recent interview with Fox News as evidence that the Conservative Party is concealing it's real intentions for the future of the NHS. But watch and listen to what he actually said (about 6 minutes into the video below).

I am a great supporter of the NHS - I worked in it for 17 years - and have had many personal experiences of how brilliant it can be. But if I was advising the US government on how to reform their health care system I could not urge them to follow our model. Particularly, they should not try to impose the sort of target driven culture that has led to the sort of scandals that result in the needless deaths of tens of thousands of patients from hospital-acquired infections or patients being shunted into holding wards so they don't breach the 4-hour wait limit in A&E.

If Labour wants to make the NHS a battleground for the next general election they will have to have a lot of sound arguments to show that they are more competent than their record over the last 12 years justifies.

Monday, April 06, 2009

What spin will Tom Harris put on this poll?

The news that the latest Populus poll for The Times shows that the Conservatives have a 13% lead over Labour will, doubtless, not put the illustrious Labour blogger and MP for Glasgow South (maj: 10,350) off his stride. Where's the G20 bounce, Gordon?

The paper reports that: "The survey...shows that there has been no G20 bounce for Gordon Brown or for Labour, despite a favourable view of last Thursday’s summit in London. Labour is unchanged compared with a month ago on 30 per cent, while the Tories are one point up at 43 per cent. The Lib Dems are one point down at 18 per cent. Other parties are unchanged on 9 per cent."

More interesting is the finding that: "More than two thirds of voters think that all or a majority of MPs abuse their expenses and allowances. Some 27 per cent say that all or nearly all MPs abuse the system, and 42 per cent think that a majority of MPs do so. By contrast, 20 per cent say that “a majority of MPs do not abuse the system, but many do”, while just 8 per cent say that very few MPs do. Working-class voters and Tory supporters are most inclined to say that most MPs abuse the system."

Let's hope that Tom is not one of those that will be named and shamed when the details of MP's claims are published in a few months time.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

G20 "miracle" already starts to unravel

The FT Westminster blog, among many others, does a very clear demolition job of Brown's G20 claims on the amount of money (real and imagined) that is going to be pumped into the world economy: "Was it one trillion dollars? Or less than 100 billion?"

Makes you wonder if he was just plucking figures out of the air!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The man who broke Britain

I am grateful to Lord Elvis of the 10 Drowning Street blog for this link to the latest Renegade Economist (Fred Harrison) video which sets out the case against Gordon Brown's claims to be the saviour of the world.

Not sure why "Vince the Cable" was included as the only example of a siren voice warning against Brown's incredibly incompetent handling of our economic and financial policies over the last 12 years but, that apart, it sets out the key failures that Brown will never admit.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Climate alarmists facing a cold spring?

Interesting debate going on over at EU Referendum about the actual weather conditions that are being experienced as opposed to those predicted by the computer models that drive the climate scientists into a frenzy.

The Watts Up With That? blog has some fascinating facts that makes it hard to take these boffins as seriously as Prince Charles and the other alarmists take themselves.

This passage is rather telling:

"....So how is the current ski season looking? Wolf Creek ski area in southwestern Colorado has received a paltry 10 metres of snow so far this winter.

Summit Base Depth : 110 inches
Last 24 Hours : 1 inch
Last 48 Hours : 2 inches
Last 72 Hours : 2 inches
Midway Base Depth : 105 inches
Last 7 Days : 20 inches
Latest Storm : 2 inches
Year to Date : 398 inches"

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The next big thing - Alistair's Budget

The exchanges at PMQs yesterday were more about generating heat than light. All Brown could do was set out his party's attack line on the Conservatives in the on-going general election campaign. "They will cut, cut, cut and cut again. Your babies will be eaten at birth and the world will stop rotating on its axis if the Tories are the next government. They are the 'do nothing' party that opposes my fiscal stimulus which all other countries in the world have followed. I am the saviour of the world and my mate Barak thinks I'm the bees knees."

[He even had the gall to claim that his decision to sell off the country's gold reserves at the bottom of the market was the "right thing to do" as he had used the money to buy euros which have gone up in 'varl-yoo'! Yeah, because you have buggered up our economy so badly that sterling has depreciated by over 30% in the last year! Twat!]

When all the dust has settled after the G20 jamboree and we discover that nothing much has really happened we will have the pleasure of hearing Alistair Darling present his much delayed Budget to the House of Commons. How will he present the fact that this Labour Government has totally lost control of the country's finances? How will he portray the fact that this country's level of debt will be totally out of control and cripple the financial future for our children and grandchildren?

How will he explain that unemployment will rise to over three million in the next year? What will he do to 'spin' the fact that if he doesn't cut public expenditure now the rises in taxes he will need will be so high as to prompt a mass exodus of businesses and individuals from the country and, therefore, reduce the tax revenues he needs to repay the interest on the debts that he and Brown have created?

Despite Brown bestriding the world stage today nothing will stop him looking like the small boy who put his finger in the dam on April 22nd. He must hope that Alistair will rescue him before the waters break through and wash him away.

(PS: Hope you like the picture of Alistair Darling in 1982 when he was a Trotskyite!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tom Harris to stand down!

It is with a mixture of sadness and relief that I read the news on the Press Association's website that Tom Harris, Labour MP for Glasgow South (maj. 10,365), and former Minister of Transport is to stand down at the next general election.

Sadness, because he has provided so many of us with the opportunity to both slag him off for his myopic and distorted views on the failures of this awful Labour Government (despite his valiant yet doomed spin operation) and to ridicule his juvenile obsession with Dr Who, Star Wars and his strange taste in popular music.

Relief because this will mean that he will not be popping up on the airwaves every few minutes pontificating about anything and everything. The world of politics can only be a better place for his going.

It is reported that he is to retire to his estate in Croatia where he has already established a sanctuary for old (Labour) donkeys.