Friday, April 17, 2009

Weasel words from Whelan

I know THIS has probably already been read by most people since it was posted on Guido Fawke's blog yesterday but you may not have read all the 60 plus comments that it attracted - none of them favourable to his point of view.

Remember this was a feature written by Charlie Whelan in the Strathspey and Badenoch Herald which is published every Wednesday morning. Not exactly a major national daily!

On 11th March 2009 Charlie wrote another article entitled "What has PM to apologise for?" In it he said: "Whilst most of us are worried about how the recession will affect us financially, down in the Westminster village they are obsessed with wringing out an apology from the Prime Minister."

There are many allegations circulating that Charlie is not held in the highest esteem within the Unite trade union. It's not surprising that there are calls from its members for him to be removed. Let's hope they have their way and very soon.


subrosa said...

He comes up here to fish. Always on the most expensive rivers of course. I shan't say more or I may be prosecuted :)

Ted Foan said...

Janet - I think you owe it to the rest of us to spill all the beans! This man is complicit in all that Brown has done to the whole country. He needs to be shown up for what he is - a complete and utter hypocrite.

Robert said...

Lets me know which river and at what time, I'll push him in, and you can take that to court.

How do these people get to the top, well they lie cheat and other wise weasel their way in.

I must take up fishing and start weaseling.