Thursday, August 09, 2007

What? No Policies?

Christ almighty! If I hear anyone else say that the Conservatives have no policies I will poke Iain Dale in his eyes with a compass.
Just give me a hint what Labour's policies are, lads? Sure - they are doing things, reacting to things, ignoring things, back tracking on things and avoiding doing things (eg a referendum on the EU treaty) but what is their message, their vision? Everything is OK, don't worry we've got it all under control?
As far as I can see they have done most of the things they set out to do in 1997 and most of it is all buggered up now and they have no new ideas. They're tired and the only "good" thing Brown can do is get us out of Iraq PDQ and scale down our involvement in Afghanistan. Pouring aid (ie our taxes) into Africa might make him look like Mother Theresa - come to think of it he is getting a bit wrinkled - but unless this is linked to expansion of free trade it's money down the tubes (SNAFU).
Brown's foreign "policies" will disguise Labour's complete failure on the domestic front.
I heard David Blunkett on Radio 4 this morning saying the original plan was always to increase the prison population to 80,000 and then introduce programmes to educate and rehabilitate prisoners so they did not re-offend and, thus, be "tough on the causes of crime". He admitted they had failed to deliver on the last bit!
Brown, as the "most successful Chancellor for 250 years" was, at the very least, party to all these failures to deliver not least because of the draconian way he controlled all expenditure and tax-raising decisions.
I won't start on tax credits because you've probably already stopped reading. But please, if anyone knows, let me know what Labour's policies are.