Saturday, January 30, 2010

Education, edukashun, ejukajon...oh sod it, I want me fags!

The furore over a Tesco store banning people wearing pyjamas seemed a little bit over the top until I heard THIS on the BBC.

What is happening to this country? Why can't we admit that we have a growing underclass who are going to bleed us dry.
Yes! We do have a "broken society" and the pity is that it will take several generations to change even if we start now.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gordon: you can have your "Operation Cake" - but you can't eat it!

The second batch of fascinating insights from Peter Watt - the erstwhile general secretary of the Labour Party - in his book entitled "Inside Out" is now available in the Mail on Sunday.

What a shower of shit! Labour (New or otherwise) is not a political party. It is loose association of rival gangs that are intent on destroying each other.

You can't trust them. You can't believe a word they say. And you must vote them into oblivion at the general election.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dr Who - so what?

This post from Archbishop Cranmer is a tour de force in the way it dissects and refutes the usual load of "Labour luvvie" stuff spewed out by a currently popular television actor.

It appears that David Tennant thinks his so-called 'political' opinions are important because he has played the leading part of 'Doctor Who' which is, at best, an amusing and diverting Saturday tea-time family fantasy/sci-fi extravangza posing as a moral story of our times. Most people have heard of at least one ardent Labour MP blogger who is such a fan that he reverts to references to it whenever things look bad for his Party - which at the moment is quite often!

But of course the main source of this twaddle is The Mirror. What else would you expect?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

"He puts the oaf in dauphin" - another quote that characterises Labour's impending defeat?

What a terrible thing to say about the current Foreign Secretary! Not!

Loved this quote from Matthew D'Ancona's article in the Sunday Telegraph:

"Other than Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt, who called on Wednesday for a leadership ballot, the chosen fall guy for last week's failed regicide has been David Miliband. "He puts the oaf in dauphin," as one of his Cabinet colleagues put it. And it was to Miliband that the Labour MP Eric Joyce was clearly referring on Thursday's Today programme when he said – devastatingly – that "there are one or two aristocrats at the top end of the Labour Party who think if they act coy, they may inherit the leadership of the party".

More please!

Labour: "This is not so much a government in crisis as a crisis pretending to be a government."

This must surely be the phrase that will epitomise the last days of this discredited Labour government.

Peter Watt, the ex-General Secretary of the Labour Party, who was sacked after the 'Donorgate' scandal a couple of years ago which involved dodgy financial transactions by the Labour Party (nothing new there) has written a book about his experiences in the job. Already he is being described as a man with a grudge just trying to get revenge on those who kicked him out. Maybe so.

However, the Mail on Sunday's serialisation is likely to make for very interesting reading. Read the first part HERE.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Our children's legacy

I last posted this in February 2009 and it is still relevant today.

Friday, January 01, 2010

The real Gordon Brown revealed by Marr's incisive interviewing technique

Just have to have this in my collection:

And this too!

Are you prepared to upset people?

If you haven't got the stomach for it, turn away now.

THIS article by Neil O'Brien of Policy Exchange contains some brutal language which might upset those of you with a delicate disposition. For example,'..we need to end "nice to have" items of spending. Would you notice much if the Department for Culture, Media and Sport had its budget halved?"

OK, that was a rather mild example. Try this instead:.."the next government is still going to have to upset a lot of people. It will have to raise taxes a little at first and cut spending a lot."

Read the rest of the article and learn why tough love will be the motif for the next five years.