Monday, May 11, 2009

Blogging Break

Although I know this will devastate both my regular readers, I am taking a few weeks off from this blogging lark. No doubt all this furore over MPs' expenses will have settled down and, by then, the Green Party will be on 50% plus in the opinion polls, Alan Johnson will be the Prime Minister and there will be blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover.

I expect to be back in harness for the results of the June 4th elections - so see you both then.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Is it just me or is Mandelson's nose getting bigger?

Peter - if you live by the sword of spin you will die by it.

+++EXCLUSIVE: John Prescott takes second job+++

It has been reported that John Prescott has been forced to get a second job by his wife Pauline as they will no longer be able to claim the costs of additional mock Tudor beams to the exterior of their mansion in Hull. She has been reported to say that: "We had planned to complete the very tasteful upgrading of our humble little home by the time John retires as an MP in May of next year. But these dreadful and wholly unsubstantiated revelations from that right-wing, anti-Labour newspaper, the Daily Bellylaugh, has now put paid to that. John will have to keep working well into his seventies as we will not be able to maintain the standard of living to which I have become accustomed. We won't even be able to afford my daily hairdressing bill on the meagre pension of an ex-Cabinet minister."

No tax payers money was spent on this video

Due respects to Subrosa (who rightly points out that I nick all my blogs from her) and a massive thank you to the Crownblogspot which consistently produces some of the funniest spoof videos. I present the latest offering for your delectation:

No comments please. Just enjoy!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Gordon and Derek were just good friends - we mourn their loss - not!

It's wonderfully ironic that our psychologically flawed Prime Minister has been associated with that failed arch-spinmeister Derek Draper, another obviously psychologically flawed individual, who has at long last announced his resignation as editor of the LabourList blog.

What is significant - according to this report in The Guardian - is that the slimy git (Derek, that is!) was not pushed. No he jumped!

Do you think Gordon might take the hint too and do the honourable thing and jump - off a cliff? But don't bother with a suicide note, Gordon. We have got the message and we all agree "it was the right thing to do"!

You go down the tube with him if you want to!

I know who I'm voting for - and it's not this bizarre man.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Mad George and Iain Dale go at it hammer and tongs over Margaret Thatcher

If you haven't already done so, you will enjoy THIS little spat between the Scottish "traitor" and Iain Dale ("apologist for Margaret Thatcher").

My abiding memory of Galloway is the film of him with his tongue so far up Saddam Hussein's arse that he could lick his eyebrows.

The man is a total disgrace. At the very least he should be banished to a pit in the ground to live with all the other reptiles that he so admires or, to save the taxpayers the expense, I am willing to donate a suitable length of rope and my services to hold one end while he swings on the other! A vile man.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

A one-sided conversation with Prescott? No, really?

I didn't hear the old bruiser on this morning's Today programme so I thought I'd listen to it via the Labour Go Fourth website. What did I get? A film of 'JP' being interviewed by John Humphrys but without the questions! Still, it's good value just to watch the silly old fart having a moan about his old colleagues in the Cabinet not pulling their weight.

John Prescott goes fourth - and whips up apathy in Liverpool

If this doesn't make you want to vote Labour, I don't know what will.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Grand closing down sale - Ozzie-style!

Rumour has it that the Conservative Party have commissioned the same advertising agency that created the following campaign ad. Just substitute "Bonkers Brown" for "Krazy Kevin" and you can see how this might work!

Take it away Tom....

This nice little pastiche about Iain Dale's favourite Labour MP blogger does not quite hit the mark for me but there was one reference about the nation's eating habits that struck a chord.

A couple of weeks back I commented on one of Tom's musings that he and the Harris family were about to settle down to a takeaway whilst watching some DVD box-set - I think it was Braveheart III or some other twaddle. I simply made the point that it appeared that he and his family - just because of his previous numerous references to them eating takeaways and watching DVDs - were not following the Government's guidelines on healthy eating. I also expressed my real concern that this was bad for their health and he should consider the benefits of preparing their own food at home. Strangely, my comment did not appear on Tom's blog!

But he's a lovely man isn't he......?

Fear, filth and a frightening Labour machine!

Many thanks to the very ancient and sage Prodicus for THIS link to Nick Cohen's article in the May edition of Standpoint which provides yet another fascinating insight into the way that the Brownites have controlled and intimidated our so-called free press over the Labour years.

It starts with this: "...what we once called "spin", and a more plain-speaking age would have called "propaganda", has degenerated from the manipulation of the press that all governments practise into character assassination and career destruction."

And ends with this: "...Yet we accept a PM who achieved power not through the ballot box but by bullying his critics and rivals. As with any other bully, all it would take to stop him is for his opponents to call his bluff. That for years hardly any have, says more about us than it does about him."

I recommend that you read the whole article to get a real understanding of the depths that this disgraceful man has sunk over the last 12 years.

Tricky Dicky was bad enough but Brown has brought us all down!

Gordon Brown - watch a dead man squirming

This interview on Channel 4 News last night was like watching a car crash happening before your eyes. Enjoy!