Friday, May 01, 2009

Take it away Tom....

This nice little pastiche about Iain Dale's favourite Labour MP blogger does not quite hit the mark for me but there was one reference about the nation's eating habits that struck a chord.

A couple of weeks back I commented on one of Tom's musings that he and the Harris family were about to settle down to a takeaway whilst watching some DVD box-set - I think it was Braveheart III or some other twaddle. I simply made the point that it appeared that he and his family - just because of his previous numerous references to them eating takeaways and watching DVDs - were not following the Government's guidelines on healthy eating. I also expressed my real concern that this was bad for their health and he should consider the benefits of preparing their own food at home. Strangely, my comment did not appear on Tom's blog!

But he's a lovely man isn't he......?