Friday, May 01, 2009

Fear, filth and a frightening Labour machine!

Many thanks to the very ancient and sage Prodicus for THIS link to Nick Cohen's article in the May edition of Standpoint which provides yet another fascinating insight into the way that the Brownites have controlled and intimidated our so-called free press over the Labour years.

It starts with this: "...what we once called "spin", and a more plain-speaking age would have called "propaganda", has degenerated from the manipulation of the press that all governments practise into character assassination and career destruction."

And ends with this: "...Yet we accept a PM who achieved power not through the ballot box but by bullying his critics and rivals. As with any other bully, all it would take to stop him is for his opponents to call his bluff. That for years hardly any have, says more about us than it does about him."

I recommend that you read the whole article to get a real understanding of the depths that this disgraceful man has sunk over the last 12 years.

Tricky Dicky was bad enough but Brown has brought us all down!