Saturday, May 09, 2009

+++EXCLUSIVE: John Prescott takes second job+++

It has been reported that John Prescott has been forced to get a second job by his wife Pauline as they will no longer be able to claim the costs of additional mock Tudor beams to the exterior of their mansion in Hull. She has been reported to say that: "We had planned to complete the very tasteful upgrading of our humble little home by the time John retires as an MP in May of next year. But these dreadful and wholly unsubstantiated revelations from that right-wing, anti-Labour newspaper, the Daily Bellylaugh, has now put paid to that. John will have to keep working well into his seventies as we will not be able to maintain the standard of living to which I have become accustomed. We won't even be able to afford my daily hairdressing bill on the meagre pension of an ex-Cabinet minister."