Saturday, April 11, 2009

English - the lingua franca?

I am sure Donal Blaney will forgive me for belatedly pinching this very jolly video which you may think has a little more resonance in the USA than in Britain....Or does it?

I heard recently that most public bodies have had to greatly enlarge the numbers of interpreters available to them to cover around 100 different languages and dialects. And that's just so they can understand all the Scots who seem to run the country these days! (It's a joke, OK? Don't get your kilts in a twist!)

See you, Jimmy!


subrosa said...

I do object to being called Jimmy. My name's Janet to foreigners :)

Also most Scots women don't wear kilts but I do have a couple of pairs of silk tartan knickers.

Ted Foan said...

Now you're teasing me with the silk tartan knickers thing!

OK, see you Janet - with or without the knickers!

Oh, and I'll have you know Mistress Subrosa that I have Scots blood coursing through my veins - as well as Irish, Welsh and probably some Nordic stuff too!

Brian Barker said...

I think there is an argument for Esperanto here.

A message from our public relations office

More seriously

Philip Johnson-Smith said...

Room for one language?

Basic freedom is for an individual to speak one or more languages and prefer one over others or like all equally.

You cannot stop the Hispanics using Spanish, which is the easiest language and much easier than English by the way. Spanish dominates in several US States. So what, just learn Spanish you lazy Americans!!