Saturday, April 11, 2009

Labour goes to the mattresses?

Some people have argued that dear old lovable John Prescott has become a bit of a British institution - like Terry Wogan, maybe. We loved his mangling of the English language when he was Deputy Prime Minister, but since he stood down as a member of the Cabinet he has not spoken in the House of Commons because he didn't want to oppose the Government!

How very strange! This is the man who has thrown himself into the digital age with some gusto to front a website called "Go Fourth" specifically to promote a fourth term for the Labour Government. I don't look at it very often as it rarely has much to say and, judging by the number of comments it receives, nor do many other people.

Those that do bother to comment seem to be overwhelmingly anti-Labour. On this basis the old bruiser is not punching his weight - even with the support of the arch spin-meister Alistair Campbell.

So, if this particular experiment by Labour to try to claim the blogosphere as a weapon in their armoury to beat the Conservatives has failed what should they do next?

It's obvious really - revert to their old ways and fight a very dirty and nasty war. It's already started if THIS, THIS and THIS are anything to go by!

Update: Just because I mentioned Terry Wogan above THIS should get a mention too!


subrosa said...

How's the jungle this morning? Beautiful day in Scotland, blue sky, light wind, warmish.

Oldrightie said...

It's a fabulous morning here, too. Still a very unpleasant smell in the air, though and it's not from round here!