Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The (red) rug might yet be pulled out from under Brown!

Iain Dale is having some fun with this latest glimpse in the Times article which is entitled "Commons link to Damian McBride smear site is red rag to David Cameron".

It is reported that: "A bogus applicant using the name “Ollie Cromwell” paid £8.99 to set up The Red Rag as a campaign blog. The buyer had to provide only a name, address, telephone number and e-mail to create the site on November 4 last year. The address given was the House of Commons, The Times has been told. The site was registered for two years, ensuring that it would be in place throughout the general election campaign, which must be called by June next year."

Iain has also noted HERE that: "When Derek Draper was asked by Channel 4 News tonight if he had discussed the Red Rag website with the Prime Minister at their lunch at Chequers, he referred us to the Downing Street Press Office."

Tom Watson MP has instructed Carter Ruck Solicitors to write to the editors of the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mail "to complain about the publication of the false allegation that our client had knowledge of, and participated in, Mr McBride’s actions. We have made it clear that our client has confirmed to us that he was not copied in on any of the emails exchanged between Mr McBride and Mr Draper, nor was he aware of them or their content until their existence was first drawn to the attention of Downing Street by national newspapers, on Friday April 10...He still has not seen them. We have further made it clear that our client had no involvement in or knowledge of the ‘Red Rag’ website."

So what do we have here? "Ollie Cromwell" (an obvious pseudonym) registered the Red Rag site in November 2008; Derek Draper (the editor of LabourList) is unable to tell us if he mentioned this to Gordon Brown when he lunched with him only a few days later at Chequers; and Tom ("I feel smeared") Watson who shared an office with Damian McBride is "complaining" that he has been unfairly associated with the whole affair.

What do these idiots take us for? Please just give it up and go! We all feel smeared by you sad, stupid little men who like playing games with other peoples lives.