Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Al-Fayed not involved in Smeargate"

Any suggestion that Mohamed Al-Fayed could have been involved in "Smeargate" would, of course, be completely untrue. There is no evidence that any brown envelopes were involved in recent revelations but it has reminded some people of the events of the mid-90s when John Major's dying government was embroiled in accusations of sleaze.

Whether this was the decisive factor in the Labour landslide victory in 1997 is not clear.

However, what is absolutely apparent is that the final nails in Gordon Brown's political coffin are being hammered in as he fails to grasp the enormity of the cock-up he has presided over. He has lost all credibility and his senior ministers are revealed as a bunch of failed third-rate no-hopers. Worse, he has surrounded himself with the vilest and direst bunch of desperate attack dogs ever assembled.

Not only has he lost any moral authority he might have claimed, he has lost the respect of the British people. He must go and he must take his disgraced party with him.


subrosa said...

He won't go Ted. He'll have to be carried out of No 10. He's a complete control freak and power crazed, the most dangerous type of character to have running a country.

Ted Foan said...

Janet - you are likely to be right about Brown not going until the last possible minute.

There is no doubt he is power-crazed and completely convinced in his own mind he is the only one who can run the country. But I just wonder if there are enough Labour MPs and followers who now feel so embarrassed by him that they will launch an attack.

OK, it's wishful thinking but it would be delicious to watch!

Cato said...

You're right both, he'll not resign. He could be found fiddling with kiddies and he'd blame someone else. He doesn't do 'resign' any more than he does 'sorry'.