Thursday, April 02, 2009

The next big thing - Alistair's Budget

The exchanges at PMQs yesterday were more about generating heat than light. All Brown could do was set out his party's attack line on the Conservatives in the on-going general election campaign. "They will cut, cut, cut and cut again. Your babies will be eaten at birth and the world will stop rotating on its axis if the Tories are the next government. They are the 'do nothing' party that opposes my fiscal stimulus which all other countries in the world have followed. I am the saviour of the world and my mate Barak thinks I'm the bees knees."

[He even had the gall to claim that his decision to sell off the country's gold reserves at the bottom of the market was the "right thing to do" as he had used the money to buy euros which have gone up in 'varl-yoo'! Yeah, because you have buggered up our economy so badly that sterling has depreciated by over 30% in the last year! Twat!]

When all the dust has settled after the G20 jamboree and we discover that nothing much has really happened we will have the pleasure of hearing Alistair Darling present his much delayed Budget to the House of Commons. How will he present the fact that this Labour Government has totally lost control of the country's finances? How will he portray the fact that this country's level of debt will be totally out of control and cripple the financial future for our children and grandchildren?

How will he explain that unemployment will rise to over three million in the next year? What will he do to 'spin' the fact that if he doesn't cut public expenditure now the rises in taxes he will need will be so high as to prompt a mass exodus of businesses and individuals from the country and, therefore, reduce the tax revenues he needs to repay the interest on the debts that he and Brown have created?

Despite Brown bestriding the world stage today nothing will stop him looking like the small boy who put his finger in the dam on April 22nd. He must hope that Alistair will rescue him before the waters break through and wash him away.

(PS: Hope you like the picture of Alistair Darling in 1982 when he was a Trotskyite!


subrosa said...

I can't wait Ted, I'm overcome with excitement.

Ted Foan said...

You are a tease, you little wifey!

Oldrightie said...

I have an answer to all your questions posed, Ted. Lie.
I also remind you to lay off Subrosa! So many admirers, justifiably!