Friday, April 03, 2009

Climate alarmists facing a cold spring?

Interesting debate going on over at EU Referendum about the actual weather conditions that are being experienced as opposed to those predicted by the computer models that drive the climate scientists into a frenzy.

The Watts Up With That? blog has some fascinating facts that makes it hard to take these boffins as seriously as Prince Charles and the other alarmists take themselves.

This passage is rather telling:

"....So how is the current ski season looking? Wolf Creek ski area in southwestern Colorado has received a paltry 10 metres of snow so far this winter.

Summit Base Depth : 110 inches
Last 24 Hours : 1 inch
Last 48 Hours : 2 inches
Last 72 Hours : 2 inches
Midway Base Depth : 105 inches
Last 7 Days : 20 inches
Latest Storm : 2 inches
Year to Date : 398 inches"


Oldrightie said...

Have you clicked my polar bear, Ted?