Monday, April 13, 2009

Brown is up to his neck in it

This article in the Guardian today by Jackie Ashley provides some even more interesting insights into "Smeargate". Note that Charlie Whelan is mentioned as the union man with the ability to finance whatever scam the group thought up.

And, of course, that arch-Brownite, Ed Balls is the chair of the "Wednesday afternoon group" that meets every week to plot the next move on the grid.

Ashley says: "The truth is that Brown has always been double-sided in his political personality and now the whole country knows it. The ideologically serious, morally driven statesman, whose steely determination was most recently on view in his successful handling of the G20, has lived his life with a sinister twin, spinning and dealing. McBride has been an extension of that other self."

There's lots more! Read it and feel that warm glow of satisfaction you get when your long-held suspicions have been confirmed. This bunch of charlatans are as bad as you thought!


subrosa said...

Damn you've beaten me to it! I'm just doing a post about this very article. You don't mind if I continue though do you? I won't publish it until the morning if that'll make you feel better :)

Ted Foan said...

Janet - it is the morning! Please feel free. Yours will be much more erudite than mine. I just like to stir the waters. You dredge the bottom!

subrosa said...

Ted of course it's the morning. How silly of me not to notice. I think we must be the only insomniacs in the blogosphere!

You're far too complimentary and gracious, thank you. My post is just plain bitchy :)

Events dear boy, events said...

Well said Ted. Isn't awful when someone else beats you to it. I had the same last night.