Sunday, April 12, 2009

A leopard doesn't change his spots

In November 2007 I posted THIS about Charlie Whelan and entitled it "Spinning in the wind?"

It is clear, via his influential role in the Unite union, that he has had more than a passing involvement in "Smeargate". The question is whether those in the know will have the courage to let us have the real story even though they risk having their metaphorical manhoods ripped off and made into earrings for Mrs Whelan.


subrosa said...

Whelan fishes in this area. He's pretty chatty after a day on the water I'm told.

Ted Foan said...

I understand that your local knowledge is well-founded, Janet. A man who likes his drink and in charge of union funds? Recipe for disaster?

(Liked the red squirrel pics. We only have those pesky greys down here. Lots of badgers and foxes too - that dig up the grass.Love watcching them though.)