Sunday, April 12, 2009

Breaking news: Brown had aides!

Is this how you like your politics? No? Well, get used to it because this is what we are going to get over the next year.

What can David Cameron and his team do to counter THIS onslaught? One view might be that he doesn't have to do anything. (See this great Coffee House blog). The Labour Party is imploding on its own. All he has do is help them on their way by reminding the electorate that they are a failing and failed government that has wasted vast amounts of our money on useless social engineering experiments that will take years and years to reverse.

But, actually, the Conservatives' immediate problem is how to counter all the counter-spin that the left will churn out over the next few days as a result of "Smeargate".

So, he will have to watch out for that slimey git Liam Byrne and for the 'hidden hand' of Tom Watson in the counter-attack. Prescott and Campbell will be at it too. This has only just started to get nasty. It will get much worse as the left-leaning journos try to suggest that the Conservative Party have always run the same type of spin operation.

Batten down the hatches - we are in full general election mode!


subrosa said...

Oh Ted, if I were you I would be careful going out and about.

Oldrightie said...

Not just Ted, the whole Nation needs to be careful. Makes Stalin seem almost cuddly, does Snotty.