Monday, April 06, 2009

What spin will Tom Harris put on this poll?

The news that the latest Populus poll for The Times shows that the Conservatives have a 13% lead over Labour will, doubtless, not put the illustrious Labour blogger and MP for Glasgow South (maj: 10,350) off his stride. Where's the G20 bounce, Gordon?

The paper reports that: "The survey...shows that there has been no G20 bounce for Gordon Brown or for Labour, despite a favourable view of last Thursday’s summit in London. Labour is unchanged compared with a month ago on 30 per cent, while the Tories are one point up at 43 per cent. The Lib Dems are one point down at 18 per cent. Other parties are unchanged on 9 per cent."

More interesting is the finding that: "More than two thirds of voters think that all or a majority of MPs abuse their expenses and allowances. Some 27 per cent say that all or nearly all MPs abuse the system, and 42 per cent think that a majority of MPs do so. By contrast, 20 per cent say that “a majority of MPs do not abuse the system, but many do”, while just 8 per cent say that very few MPs do. Working-class voters and Tory supporters are most inclined to say that most MPs abuse the system."

Let's hope that Tom is not one of those that will be named and shamed when the details of MP's claims are published in a few months time.


subrosa said...

Haven't seen the polls yet Ted but it doesn't surprise me the bounce was a dud. Tom Harris will be sure to say the poll was too early for people to give an opinion or some such drivel.