Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The cold hand of Labour

I have long been a bit wary of the sainted Nadine Dorries as she bears an uncanny resemblance - both physically and in the way she speaks - to a previous work colleague who always seemed to attract controversy. (I know it's totally irrational. It must be my feminine side coming out!)

But tonight I had a flip through her recent postings and when I saw THIS I felt quite sorry for her.

Ignore the first bit about the mixing up of expense receipts - more of that will emerge in due course. No, the bit that got me was what she alleges a Labour Minister said to her round the back of the Speaker's chair.

"Watch yourself love", he said. "You are public enemy No 1. You inflicted a lot of damage on No10 and they are out for revenge. Watch out for the Sunday Mirror, don't talk to them." He then squeezed my hand and left.

The worst thing about this is that this sort of thing is so typical of the Labour spin machine.