Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sooty sweeps the board?

I was pleased to note one of the other findings of the YouGov poll in the Sunday Times. The race relations industry seems to be no more than another glove puppet of the politically correct leftists that have dominated our lives for far too long.

"YouGov also asked a couple of questions about the royal family and racism on the back of the Prince Harry story. A large majority of people backed Harry - 68% agreed with the statement “it was used in a good-natured way and wasn’t racist”, 19% said it was unacceptable. An even larger percentage of respondents - 78% - were unconcerned about Prince Charles calling a friend “Sooty”. 66% of people said the royal family were not racist, 17% thought they were."

Is it about time we are again allowed to tell our kids about the Golliwogs that are still part of the Mexican culture and are sold throughout the world?