Saturday, January 17, 2009

Peter Mandelson is a head banger - it's official!

Poor old Peter, brought back into government by Gordon Brown to counter-balance his lack of emotional intelligence (remember his propensity to throw mobile phones against the wall?) now finds himself frustrated with Labour's inability to forge a united front on the third runway at Heathrow. Apparently, the Prince of Darkness was so angry he actually banged his head on the Cabinet Room table.

If tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph report is to be believed ".... an unnamed minister, expressing concerns over the runway, said: 'I realise the point I am making is irrational.'....There was then, sources said, an "audible thump" as Lord Mandelson, an enthusiastic supporter of the project, banged his head on the polished wood of the large, oval table....".

Oh well, never mind. It ain't going to happen anyway if the Conservatives win the next election. The latest YouGov poll in the Sunday Times puts the Conservatives on a 13% lead over Labour and the ComRes poll in the Sunday Independent has them 9% ahead. Both polls represent significant moves back to the Conservatives and suggest that Brown's so-called bounce is about as dead as a dead cat bouncing on a... well, a concrete runway.