Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why So Low?

The latest ICM poll is reported at ConservativeHome together with their own running "average" of all recent polls. (How they work out the latter is a mystery to me but I assume it is on some sort of scientific basis.)

What worries me is why are the Conservatives so low in the polls?

A 13% lead looks good but, surely, it should be 25% by now. The LibDems should be losing support - down to their bedrock vote of 15% or 16% rather than rising - and Brown's shamblers should be viewed as dead in the water. They have lost the argument and they should be on a downward trajectory.

Over to you Mr Cameron!


vanfuertes said...

Correct, circa ten point lead in the polls is poor at this stage. Even if an election was called tomorrow Labour would start to eat into that lead. Better the Devil you know type feeling often prevails, especially when people see that weasel Osborne as the potential Chancellor.