Friday, March 21, 2008

Lord Tebbitt Gives Cameron A Job Reference

Lord Tebbitt has today given his full support to Boris Johnson's bid to become London mayor, especially his stance on the expansion of cycling in the capital. Speaking from his office behind the bike sheds at Westminster he said: " It's important to encourage young people to get off their arses and go and look for a job. That's what my father did and that's what all these feckless youths need to do now."

Boris Johnson welcomed this strong support from the former airline pilot but pointed out all job applicants who follow his advice should ensure that they comply with the law. He called for "zero tolerance" of cyclists who break the rules. He said: "I am a militant cyclist myself and I love cycling and I want more people to cycle in London, but part of the deal has got to be that if we are going to expand cycling in London ... we cyclists have got to obey the laws of the road." Mr Johnson is known to oppose a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

In the meantime, David Cameron - who has recently applied for the job of Prime Minister - has been accused of reckless cycling and failing to go left at a bollard. The Daily Mirror reported that he always went to the right. If only!