Thursday, March 13, 2008

Watch My Lips, Balls - "It's The Economy, Stupid!"

Interesting comment on the Sky News - Boulton & Co blog about the puerile and very revealing behaviour of Ed Balls, that sad NuLabour wannabee.

A chap called Trevor said "as someone who has for years been 40% deaf in both ears and long inclined to subconsciously lip-read, I can absolutely assure the world that Balls said "So what?", and that there is no way that he said any of the alternative comments hastily invented and offered. The lip movement for "weak" and "what" are totally different. In one case ("weak") the lips spread sideways, in the other ("what") they move downwards, so the pathetic attempt to change the facts of what he said simply won't wash."

Hopefully, Balls will soon regret his ill-advised heckle of David Cameron after his abysmal party are voted into the oblivion they deserve. (Oh, I feel better after that!)