Monday, October 01, 2007

Is the BBC an organ of Brown's state?

Just seen Newsnight interview of Alan Duncan by Emily Matis (she really is rubbish) where she tried to suggest Phil Hammond was disagreeing with Osborne.

But the article on the BBC website was less equivocal: in fact, if you read it, Hammond is saying exactly what Osborne has said. We must not make unfunded spending or tax cut promises.

Of course, Stephanie ("I don't need a tax break") Flanders on Newsnight was trying to find chinks in Osborne's figures but not very convincingly. If she isn't actually part of Labour's spin machine she should be.

So far, the BBC is in its usual form. All is well in the Brown kingdom and when he pulls out all the troops from Iraq next week because many fewer people are being blown up then his coronation will follow very shortly.

How low can low politics go? Watch the BBC!


Fitaloon said...

Thanks for your comments. I did actually make it into one of Ian Dales splendid lists as 16th in top 20 Scottish Political Blogs and then disappeared into oblivion!
That's how low I can go. Nice to raed your blog. keep going we have to get rid of this blot on British Politics

Newmania said...

I used that picture a while ago for the same reason..( he wants it ...) and I entirely agree with your mission (should you choose to accept it )

I was 43rd or something preen preen.

Have you read the Robin Aitken book on the BBC the position in the 90s was astonishng . This was when Folly Toynbee was editor of Social Affairs. I think they implanted their myths in that period and now they don`t need to be so overt.

In The Speccie there is a review od siome focus groups that show an elephantine ,memory for Thatcher along BBC lines to set against Blair

pcsolotto said...

I agree with you about these. Well someday Ill create a blog to compete you! lolz.