Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nifty Footwork by Cameron but can he get the Clunking Fist on the ropes?

With a few exceptions, I have never read such a collected load of old tosh rendered by blog commenters on David Cameron's speech at the Conservative Party conference today.
His tour de force was notable not only for his ability to speak without an autocue but because of its content and sheer commonsense.
The idiocy of all the NuLab commenters and the views of some unreconstructed ultra right wingers who still believe that Margaret Thatcher and Norman Tebbitt are about to return to lead the Conservatives are just risible. What they couldn't stomach was the fact that Cameron actually understands what has gone wrong under Blair/Brown and knows how to deal with it. He has got a formidable team in his corner too who will make sure he will get up for every round of this epic fight with the "Clunking Fist" with fresh ideas and renewed strength. Compared to Brown, Cameron has the footwork and the fast hands of Muhammad Ali against Sonny Liston in 1974.
Cameron can "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee". There is now a buzz about the Conservatives and it won't be long before Brown and his corner will be on the ropes.
Let's hope we can go in for the knockout very soon.


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