Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Are you starving?

What should worry all of us more than the issue of whether so-called climate change is anthropogenic is the unintended consequences of this proposition on world food production.

Thanks partly to the Gore-induced panic, cereal production for human consumption (via animal feeds as well) is being switched to biofuel production. This is at a time when China and other rapidly developing countries are soaking up more and more of the world's wheat, meat and dairy products - and paying top dollar too - while we too are reducing our staple food output.

Time for Great Britain to stop thinking we can affect global changes in weather conditions by any kind of unilateral action and just concentrate on protecting our population's needs for the future.

We are used to relatively cheap food. The shock of 50% or 70% increases in our household food bills in the next few years will be worse than the rises in all the other taxes that Brown has imposed on us for the last 10 years.

Or is he going to nationalise Tesco as well as Northern Rock?