Saturday, December 05, 2009

The best a man can get?

I have a small confession to make. (Maybe it's a bit bigger than I care to admit.)

I test Gillette razors. There, I've said it. I've done this for the last 15 years quietly, surreptitiously and out of the public eye. Every two weeks I have been sent a new razor and have reported back faithfully to Gillette's Product Research Testing Department on various aspects of its performance while I shave my (admittedly) sparse beard.

As a faithful tester, I have today received my usual Christmas card from the Department and I am pleased to note that Roy is still there along with his highly efficient 15-strong team. I have the utmost respect for Roy and his people. They have never let me down - I have not had to buy a razor blade in all this time.

However, in the light of recently reported events, I have begun to wonder if I have been missing out on the perks that Roy and his team seem to be able to dish out to some people who are associated with the Gillette brand.

Do you think it could be because I'm useless at golf? Or that I prefer to play handball rather than football? Who knows - but a bit of wonga would be nice!