Friday, February 20, 2009

Prime Minister Cooper? No - it's all Balls!

I think I saw somewhere recently where Yvette Cooper was described as having a better understanding of economics than Gordon Brown. Well, my great aunt Nellie could probably claim that too - and she's been dead for the last 40 years!

Now, there is laughable story doing the rounds that "the elfin-faced one" is a possible contender to become Prime Minister if and when Gordon Brown steps down (or is sectioned under the Mental Health Act). We all know it's just a smoke screen to distract attention away from her real goal - to get hubby Ed Balls into the pole position when it all kicks off. Good for her!

But take a look at this (which I have shamelessly stolen from the excellent Lord Elvis of Paisely) to understand why she (or her husband) should never be allowed near any of the levers of power ever again. They have already done enough damage.

Don't you just love Andrew Neil?