Monday, January 19, 2009

What's to hide, Harriet?

As instructed by Iain Dale, I'm publishing this blog to show unity with all other right-minded people (and I don't mean right leaning people on this occasion) who abhor the action taken by Harriet Harman, the Leader of the House of Commons to prevent it being a requirement that MPs (and peers) should provide (and publish) receipts to back up their claims for expenses.

Frankly, I have always found it amazing that they are allowed to claim expenses for anything without a receipt. In the forty years or so of my working life I was never paid a penny by my employers unless I could substantiate it with a written record in some form or another. OK, sometimes there were occasions when it was possible to claim a standard subsistence rate for an over night stay and I stayed in a cheaper B&B or with friends. But I was not breaking any rules and it usually meant I spent the "profit" on a better meal or in the bar or buying my friends a take-away or a few bottles of wine.

It'll be interesting to see if the vote on Thursday supports the Harridan's view.