Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Has Clegg given Cameron a clear run-in to victory?

The latest poll from IpsosMori shows the Conservatives breaching the 50% barrier for the first time since Margaret Thatcher was in power. Whilst Labour's share is unchanged on 24%, the LibDems have dropped five points to 12%.

This poll was carried out between last Friday and Sunday so included the heavily hyped £20 billion of "tax cuts" that Clegg and his disparate band have said they would offer when they are elected to government. As this is likely to be sometime in the future - remember that his stated aim as leader is to double the number of LibDem MPs over the next two general elections - I think we can safely assume that he will not be forming the next government. In fact, if this poll was proved to be accurate then he would be lucky to retain his seat after the next general election!

The key point though is that by adopting a tax cutting agenda, coupled with talk of reducing public spending, he has opened the door for the Conservatives to speak more openly about their economic programme without being accused of wanting to "slash and burn" the public sector.

Go to it David!


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Enjoyed trolling through your blog Diablo. Keep it up. I agree with you on a number of issues, but the fox hunting piece struck a chord - I keep chickens and we have had two bad raids by a fox in as many years. I wouldn't hunt to hounds myself, but there are more pressing issues...