Monday, September 08, 2008

Arctic Monkeys' fan gets stuck in the ice?

Great quote from Gordon Brown, that well-known Arctic Monkeys' fan:
"We wake up to find we're trapped. Overnight we've been drifting amongst the ice floes and the wind has blown them together, tight around the [government]. As the captain I grind the engine backwards and forwards in an attempt to free us. Getting frozen in would be bad news, as it's the end of the summer and the weather is about to get a lot colder very quickly. We make grim jokes about only getting out in the spring, and having to eat each other to survive....".
It would be great to think that this was an allegory for the inevitable demise of Gordon Brown and the Labour Party. But, in fact, it is an ironic story via Mr Eugenides about the chap who was hoping to kayak to the North Pole and prove that all the ice has melted. According to Tom Nelson, he came to a halt because of the ice and said: "We’re stuck"!