Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Good Poll Result For Labour - Why?

Another Sunday, another opinion poll. Last month I asked why the Conservative lead was not higher?

This time I am amazed that support for the malignant Gordon Brown and his awful little followers is still as high as 28%. Why are there so many people who still think that this abject group of no-hopers should be running the country?

Oh yes, I remember now. They are the ones who have been given all the extra taxes that my family has paid over the last 11 years to keep them in their feather-bedded jobs which give them inflation-proofed pensions in local government, the civil service and those who live off the swollen benefits regime that has been put in place. We are all paying for the client state that this doomed band has created to keep them in power.

It's going to take years to dismantle this socially-engineered mess that "New" Labour has constructed. But dismantle it we must.....