Saturday, March 01, 2008

'Enjoy life while you can'!

A very interesting interview with James Lovelock in the Guardian today. Now well into his 80s, he still maintains that his original theory that the Earth - or "Gaia" - is a living organism with self-healing powers that, for the most part, are beyond the power of us humans to control.
I wrote about this last October, admittedly in a slightly different context, and said: "Is it time to look again at the Gaia hypothesis put forward by James Lovelock? If the Earth is an "organism" perhaps disease, pestilence, famine and disasters on the scale of tsunamis and earthquakes are its way of telling us that we will have to learn to live with Nature."


dan said...

"I think the point Daryl was trying to make was not that Lovelock may be wrong but that he seems to be taking pleasure in seeing his predictions come true. His predictions of course are our destruction. He seems very happy about it all.


could you blog one day, with images about my polar cities idea? they are lifeboats for survivors of glo warming and lovelock has seen my blueprints and approves. see my blog and iamges here

do blog on this pro or con. what's your take on polar cities as lifeboats for future survivors?

Diablo said...

Dan - thank you for letting me see your interesting ideas. I suspect that James Lovelock and I will not be around when they will be needed!

I have to confess that my blog was aimed at much shorter term considerations - like supporting the expansion of nuclear power in the UK rather than wasting a lot of effort on blotting the landscape with wind turbines! Rather more parochial considerations than you are proposing, I dare say!

Whilst I am impressed by your strategic thinking on the likely outcomes of climate change I was qustioning in more simplistic terms the way that the human race might survive. For example, learning how to grow their own crops, hunt for food and rebuild societies.

But you must keep plugging away, Dan. You could have the answer.

pcsolotto said...

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