Thursday, October 25, 2007

Boris - Will He Eat Your Babies?

I am a great fan of Boris Johnson because he can come at a topic from "the left field" and in doing so brings a fresh perspective to it. In this article in today's Daily Telegraph here he proves it once again.

You may also have noticed that the issue of population growth and its consequences both for the UK and the world in general have tended to dominate my posts over the last couple of weeks.
In my own amateur way I see links to the other major issue of the day - climate change or as we like to call it "global warming". There are still arguments about the extent that this is a man-made or 'anthropogenic' phenomenon.

Whatever the reasons are for an apparent upward trend in global temperatures - and I agree we should be conserving resources whilst developing new technologies to ensure that we can keep the lights on and feed ourselves - it seems inevitable that the prediction that the world's population will increase exponentially over the next few decades is the biggest threat that we face.

Most of the popular media are happy to constantly tell us that we are all doomed - by being too fat, drinking too much and smoking too much which all lead to cancer, diabetes, stroke, dementia and sundry other terminal diseases - yet at the same time we are told that the demographic profile of the UK is getting older (as it is in other first world countries). In other parts of the world - notably Africa - the ravages of AIDs, malaria and other horrible diseases have prompted our political leaders to pour our money into dubious schemes to reverse this trend so that their populations (which are growing anyway) grow even more quickly.

Is it time to look again at the Gaia hypothesis put forward by James Lovelock? If the Earth is an "organism" perhaps disease, pestilence, famine and disasters on the scale of tsunamis and earthquakes are its way of telling us that we will have to learn to live with Nature.

As for Boris eating your babies - he's a politician - he loves babies. But he couldn't eat a whole one!


Newmania said...

It was a good aticle you have not really grappled with the issue raised though which is that since the babies in question became brown the subject is off limits . It used to be all the rage as an apocalyptic scenario when it was the West.

Nonetheless quibbles aside I adore Boris and I`m always pleased to hear of anyone who is on his side.You are obviously a delightful person both fragrant and splendidly proportioned .


Anonymous said...

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