Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What A 'Orrible Little Man You Are, Private Ainsworth!

Bob Ainsworth, Labour MP for Coventry North East since 1992 and Minister for the Armed Forces, was on the BBC's "The Daily Politics" programme today being interviewed by Andrew Neil. (About 10 minutes in - watch it because it's a classic.)

Boy, oh boy, did he get a pasting! He really needed his body armour today as he struggled to fend off serious criticism of the Ministry of Defence's failings over the many unnecessary deaths of our troops in Afghanistan. Everybody in the Armed Forces (and at least one HM Coroner) thinks this Government has criminally underfunded the provision of adequate levels of equipment to allow our personnel to defend themselves. Andrew Neil was at the top of his form and refused to let Ainsworth off the hook - well done, Andrew.

If any squaddie currently in Afghanistan today or any of the seriously injured and their families were able to watch Ainsworth's abject performance they must despair at the prospects of this shower of failing politicians who have done so much damage continuing in power for another week, let alone another year. Let's get them kicked out!