Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Truth Is The First Casualty....

If you watched Prime Minister's Question time today you would have heard Gordon Brown replying to a planted question from one of his London MPs by saying that Boris Johnson, the Conservative candidate for the post of mayor of London, had called for a reduction in the budget of the Metropolitan Police.

Boris Johnson was in the House and immediately after PMQs raised a point of order with the Speaker refuting Brown's assertion. In fact, he said that he had called for the exact opposite of what Brown had stated - see it here, courtesy of SkyNews.
The Coffee House blog continues the theme of deliberately distorting facts and statistics. Under Brown the lies and spin continue. When will Brown learn that we can see right through him.....?


Newmania said...

Yes I noticed , there was a delicious collection of Brown -nosing question in Private Eye

" Would his majesty feel that the taste of he bollocks was so fragrant and sweet that the electorate would do well to lick them and stop moaning..." etc.

" Would he say that his performance over ten years was a procession of starry triumphs and would he enumerate his qualities ? "

pcsolotto said...

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