Monday, January 28, 2008

This Dead Man Should Be Escorted Off the Premises

Derek Conway has not broken the law but he has been shown to use public funding in a questionable manner. He has apologised to the House of Commons.

However, in the current climate he will be perceived as just another MP (worse, another Tory MP) on the make. After the sport we've all had over Hain et al in recent weeks ("no ifs, no buts") it's hard to see how David Cameron cannot take immediate action to distance the Conservatives from this episode of "sleaze". After all it has been going on for a number of years according to the report on the affair.

Derek Conway is a dead man. Have no doubt about it - he should not be allowed to retain the Conservative whip and should be persuaded to declare his intention to stand down as an MP. Nothing else will do. "No ifs, no buts".
But if he won't walk he should be assisted to clear his desk - I'm sure the Conservatives can even give him a black bag - and be marched out of the Commons by David Cameron, personally if necessary!
Update 1: Many bloggers seem to agree. Mr Cameron please take note.
Update 2: An unscientific poll agrees!
Update 3: David Cameron has taken the right action. Good judgement!


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