Saturday, October 13, 2007

Time to be Tough!

England beat France in the RWC 2007 semi-final tonight - it wasn't pretty but they did what they had to do. Compared to a few weeks ago when their chances were being written off they have hauled themselves back to within one game of winning the RWC twice in a row. What a performance! Sheer dogged determination.

But it's been a bloody fanatastic week in politics too. Brown's nose rubbed in his own dirt and Labour on the backfoot where ever we look. And the Conservatives are now back to where they were fifteen years ago - 7% ahead in the polls. It's not been pretty and there have been some dire failures along the way but they are now close to an historic victory. But, like the England rugby team, the Conservatives have to look closely at the details of these polls:
  • Why is Brown still seen as a stronger leader than Cameron?

  • Why are Brown/Darling still seen as more competent than Cameron/Osborne at handling the economy?
Surely, after the events of the last few weeks the balance should have tipped in favour of the Conservatives? After all, the MSM has been pretty good at reinforcing the public's impression of the disastrous choices that Brown has made, his lack of judgement and his propensity for spin and to steal the Conservatives' ideas. At the moment they are content to ridicule Brown's New Model Labour Party but it seems that they are not taking it that little bit further and saying the Conservatives have a competent team to lead the country. They still seem to be reluctant to give David Cameron & Co the credit for seizing the political initiative. What's to be done?

Over to you Messrs Coulson and Hilton. Let's get the message across about Brown and Co. They haven't got the guts or the ability to get to the final - let alone win it!


Fitaloon said...

Shows what you can do with a bit of courage, As you say not pretty, but certainly getting the job done.
As to why the Brown and Brown and Darling are seen as better/more competent, I think it has more to do with the fact they are in government rather than opposition. It's just the way it works. But if the polls are right they still want to get rid of them and replace them so what does it matter!

Diablo said...

Good man, Fitaloon.

(I wanted Scotland to beat Argentina! And I'm half Irish!)

You're dead right of course. Brown is the incumbent so it takes it a bit more effort to kick him out.

One last heave?