Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Join the Conservatives Now - you know it makes sense!

On 5th July 2007 I wrote this:

"An extremely elderly man in a Savile Row suit, looking like Bill Deedes's older brother, apparently leads the Liberal Democratic Party. Well, for the time being, anyway, if the rumours are to be believed.
"The latest betting for the LibDems to win the next General Election is 150/1 - not much surprise there. But for some reason there are members of his party who think they should change their current leader as this would improve their electoral chances.

"I don't know what you think but if someone takes on this job they will have to be a bloody superman (sorry, superperson). My advice is stick with Ming - it's steady as you go, LibDems."

Today Ming has gone- apparently in a bit of a huff as he didn't even make the announcement himself. I can't blame him.

They are a wobbly lot these Liberal Democrats - always have been. "Masters of spin and obsfucation" is the least of the charges that can be laid at their door in local politics and, on the wider stage, their policies often lack coherence and credibility. They are a rag-bag party, claiming the moral high ground on Iraq and the environment. But what do they actually stand for? What is their "vision"?

Now is the time for true Liberals to "come home" to the only true liberal party in the country - the Conservatives. Together we can oust this awful Labour government and make some sensible progress. You know it makes sense!


pcsolotto said...

I agree with you about these. Well someday Ill create a blog to compete you! lolz.