Friday, July 06, 2007

I'm 'avin a fag!

Good old Charlie! Caught having a crafty drag out of the train window he apparently thought he wasn't breaking the law which he voted for.

Now, I know he is a Liberal Democrat but that doesn't mean there is one law for him and one for the rest of us plebs. I'm a smoker too and have to put up with the democratic decision that was made in Parliament.

All those people who are members of working men's clubs or social institutes where they have gone for years to have a drink and a smoke with their neighbours all have to abide by this law too. Don't forget these are private clubs where you have to pay to be a member. So you make a choice to join and are fully aware of the rules and regulations. There were no rules to say you couldn't smoke in the bar unless the members themselves had voted for them. Democracy in action, you might say but after 1st July 2007 our supposed democratic Parliament decided to take away this right.

So, in my view Goodtime Charlie should, as a so-called democrat, be subjected to the full rigours of the law he voted for and be prosecuted like any other common "criminal" that we smokers have become!