Friday, July 06, 2007

Do you feel lucky, Hunk?

I was amused by Iain Dale's blog today One for the Ladies... (I Think) where he published a photo of himself aged 22.
It was very similar to the one of me aged 20 in the photo shown on the left. It was taken on a holiday in Split which is a wonderful walled city in Croatia but in those days was in Yugoslavia. (I'm talking about 1969 which is probably beyond living memory for you dear reader.)
But having indulged in this little bit of nostalgia (and, I have to admit some sadness at the loss of my youthful vigour) I suddenly realised there were some other parallels with Iain Dale which made me uncomfortable. My birthday is in July (as is Iain's); I too tried to grow a beard at one point and found it a little bit gingery; and I have to admit that I could also lose a few pounds! You could also point out that we both support the Conservative Party although he is more passionate than I am perhaps.
Then it dawned on me that all these coincidences could only mean one thing. I must be gay!
When I confided this to my wife she pointed out in her usual sensible way that, in addition to the three children I have fathered (that we know of), I don't wear brightly coloured ties, I prefer Rugby to soccer, would never have a dog in the house, smoke too much and don't like the Germans I realised that she still had her "hunk" despite all the time I spend watching 18 Doughty Street. Oh, lucky man!


Anonymous said...

Rugby over soccer??? I couldn't imagine a more positively homosexual sport!