Friday, June 22, 2007

What will Boris do when he's old and grey?

Last Sunday we travelled south to the Land of Boris. No, not a mythical world inhabited by hobbits or some such half human hairy creatures with obscure origins. This was the real heart of the middle class of England - or, at least, as I imagine it was when I once lived in that part of England about 35 years ago.

We were there to see my niece and her family who had recently moved into a little village on the side of the Chiltern escarpment. This is Boris Johnson country (MP for Henley) and, indeed, my niece's eldest daughter had met him at the Chinnor fete the day before and found him his usual affable self. This is the sort of circle in which they move! I was impressed.

The reasons for the gathering of Diablo's clan were manifold: a housewarming party; my niece's 18th wedding anniversary; her mother-in-law's 75th birthday; and it was Father's Day too. It was a great opportunity to catch up with all the old folk we don't see very often. And the barbecued lamb was amazing! A great family event.

As one of the older folk myself I naturally gravitated to the "wrinklies". I don't normally talk politics at social events but I couldn't stop the discussion going in that direction. The "greys" are not a happy group: too many immigrants; the NHS is useless; council tax is far too high; good riddance to Tony Blair; Gordon Brown will be a disaster; Cameron is not talking to us; as for the LibDems they are opportunists not worth discussing - except that most thought Ming Campbell was too old! Phew! I didn't realise the older generation could be so vociferous.

It seems to me that while everyone is concerned with the 'yoof' vote politicians could be forgetting that the older end of the voting spectrum is more likely to be listening to what they have to say. Even Boris could be old and grey one day.


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