Friday, June 29, 2007

Poetry in Motion - or I feel a Brown moment coming on!

I thank Devil's Kitchen for this contribution to great British poetry (even though it was penned by Trixy.) They are a truly wonderful couple - just like Tony and Gordon at that last romantic meeting.

Dedicated to Polly Toynbee and the new Prime Minister

The lady wept as she listened to his voice
Drone on in his monotone about 'tax and spend'
They think the country we will mend
And then they will rejoice.

Dear Gordon, how I love you so
Said Polly, who of course you know
Is the guardian of all that's right
If you're really not very bright.

Come whisper prudence in my ear
And feel my heart start to beat fast
My love for you won't be surpassed
No matter what you hear.

Come fill me with your big hard taxes
I, like the nation, will be on my knees
But unlike them I want to please
It's not just my legs the lady waxes