Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Steady the Buffs" but get those sabres drawn ready for the cut and thrust

I have been known to write comments on other people's blogs when the opinion polls have swung against the Conservatives to the effect that we need to hold our nerve and wait until we can see the whites of the enemy's eyes. It seems to me that the time has arrived for 'General' Cameron to order his forces to launch a full-scale attack.

I say this because it appears, according to the Press Association, that there are some rather naive folk who are so shallow and mis-informed that they would be willing to vote Labour if they thought the economy was recovering before Brown calls the next general election.

PA reports that: "The ICM poll for The Guardian suggests 8% of voters currently planning to vote Conservative or Liberal Democrat would consider backing Labour if the economy turned a corner. While the Tories are still 12 points clear, such a swing could be enough to return Labour as the largest party in the House of Commons."

We are now into the total-war phase of this campaign. It is the time to start slashing with those sabres and cut down all the lies, half-truths and spin that has characterised Labour for the last 12 years. And now is the time to implement the real strategy that will show the waverers that they are backing the wrong army.


subrosa said...

Well said Ted, it's time the tories stopped agreeing with labour. They've been doing that for far too long and without much questioning. If they don't start soon it will be too late and I'm not even a tory voter.:)

Oldrightie said...

Election soon, Ted. I've never moved away from that possibility. Then we can wheel out the hidden big stuff! 2 million unemployed plus the rest. 10 million not working and on some sort of benefit!