Friday, March 20, 2009

Pope thinks Brown shits in the woods!

It appears that Gordon Brown is going to be nominated by the Pope for a Nobel prize for Economics. (No, it's not April Fool's day yet!) Well, you might well ask why would that be? Could it be that the Holy Father has recognised that Gordon Brown is the real representative of God on Earth?

Not everyone would agree with this as the Pope has a bit of a dodgy record on picking winners - ie he gets most things wrong - for example, he thinks the use of condoms actually causes AIDS! But I'm sure he has good reasons for his support of our glorious leader. (But see THIS just to be sure!)

This might not be a view shared by more worldly folk. According to this article in the Guardian which reports that Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has said: "We need to send good psychological signals from (the G20 meeting in) London and not engage in a competition for unrealisable growth packages. We have already done our part."