Monday, March 02, 2009

Obama is amused at Brown's claim he "saved the world"

My sources in Washington have assured me that President Obama will treat Gordon Brown with the same respect that the British Prime Minister showed to his predecessor. I understand that is code for "humour him for a couple of days and then get him back on the first plane available to the UK".

They regard him as little more than an irritant at the White House. He is seen as yesterday's man and they are just waiting for the chance to deal with a David Cameron government.

So get those postal votes in early - and often! (Well, if it can work for Labour in Glenrothes, it can work for the Conservatives!)


Oldrightie said...

Slightly OT, have they found the missing Glenrothes register yet?

Ted Foan said...

Not that I've heard. It's probably in that big pile of papers in Brown's office.