Sunday, March 08, 2009

Nelson doesn't turn a blind eye!

At the risk of giving you Harrisitis, I would refer you to Fraser Nelson's post on the Coffee House blog where he makes some interesting connections with the aforementioned Labour MP's article in the Mail on Sunday.

"Why is it Left wing to allow millions to live on benefits, and let children get each other pregnant? Tom Harris asks this question in an excellent article in the Mail on Sunday today." says Fraser

If I am going to "big up" anybody I think it has to be Fraser as he is continually emphasising the problems that Labour's dependency culture has created. He concludes by saying:

"I hope that Tom keeps going on at this. Unlike many other Labour MPs it does bother him. It is, in my view, the most important topic in Britain right now and it is horribly under-debated. If left and right really clash with each other on how best to solve this problem, how best to make work pay, then so much the better. We must grasp that we are paving a road from school to welfare dependency and we should not be so surprised when so many millions choose to take this road."

And, yes, I know the picture is of Horatio Nelson!