Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Humiliated, hopeless, paralysed. Time to go!

Alice Miles has written a perceptive article in the The Times today which confirms that the downgrading of Britain's influence in the world to a third-rate power is now complete.

".... the White House was irritated by No 10's attempts to make it sound in advance as though Mr Brown and Mr Obama were somehow equals - worse, as if the British Prime Minister was en route to give Mr Obama instruction in how to handle the economic crisis.

The shenanigans yesterday dredged up unpleasant memories for Labour of another trip to Washington by a party leader, Neil Kinnock, in 1987. Then, in the run-up to the election, the Labour leader was humiliated by Ronald Reagan's failure to spend even the full allotted half-hour with him.

But the Obama snub yesterday was arguably worse: Mr Brown is Prime Minister, not just leader of the Labour Party. And in 1987, the White House snub, including a briefing that undermined Mr Kinnock further, was intentional: the President wanted to support Margaret Thatcher by making the Labour leader look like a twit. More embarrassingly the humiliation of Mr Brown yesterday appeared to be simple carelessness. I think unplanned insult is worse."

As one of the commenters on this article has already said:

"It is like watching the Titanic go down. The government is holed below the waterline through lies and incompetence and as a result have totally lost the public trust. The government know what their fate is and how long they have left, but they can do nothing to stop it. Their death is inevitable."

And so say all of us.


Oldrightie said...

I loved how, at the end of the pool spray, Snotty lept out of his chair before it dawned on him The Great One was still firmly seated. There was a slight pause of indecision before Brown gingerly sat back. What a statesman!

John M Ward said...

"And so say all of us."

Or, on the Battlestar Galactica: "So say we all!"

Private Fraser would sum it up best, though: "They're a' doomed!"