Friday, March 06, 2009

Beware of false gods!

That swivel-eyed Labour luvvie, Steve Richards, who calls himself a journalist but is in a fact a paid-up member of the "Gordon Brown for World President" movement was on Newsnight earlier spouting his own particular brand of gibberish.

According to him what this country needs is for Gordon Brown to remain as Prime Minister after the next election! Where the heck has he been living for the last 12 years? He has also had the gall to write this tosh in the Independent today where he says that Gordon Brown has "authenticity"!

WTF? Yes, he's an authentic bloody disaster who has been responsible for leading this country into the current disaster that befalls us. Just read the comments on Richards' article to get a flavour of how authentic people think Brown really is.


John M Ward said...

Therein lies one of those lessons that are so often offered by events, but so sparingly learnt: all Lefties are warped, twisted and delusional, and probably always will be.

Yes, we know the truth, but we are in the minority (though the balance has been shifting in recent years) and the Left depend on that level of general ignorance.

I don't generally bother with Richards (or Toynbee, or Maguire, or Aaronovitch, or…)because I know they're all garbage, and it is so obvious when they appear of TV, let alone what they write.